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Cypherkicks is Collaborating with ADA Army to bring everyone a special      collection of four artworks that will be sold for five (5) days. The artwork combines the ADA Army style and assets, such as the  and classic Cardano helmet.                              alert                              xx332      after         fire          enemy.     

Cypherkicks and ADA Army will donate a percentage of sales to the Lunars Community Wallet. For those who are not aware, the Lunars team abandoned the project, and its community is rebuilding. To support the rebuilding effort, funds from this sale will be sent to the Lunars community wallet.

We are stronger together. 

Minting Information

1 NFT: 12 ADA

2 NFTs: 24 ADA

3 NFTs: 36 ADA

4 NFTs: 48 ADA

Send ADA to the following Address: 


Open drop. No need to own any NFT to mint. Only 4 designs are available. Each person who mints will receive a copy of these designs, but with an unique name (serialized NFTs). Policy ID: Cypherkicks Studios (Verified on CNFT and JPG.Store).

Policy ID