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Disco Solaris is an upcoming CNFT project that considers themselves “a story-driven 80s retrotopia”.


Apart from an amazing artist, their team includes game developers and a singer-songwriter (who recently released a Disco Solaris single and music video full of 80s vibes).


Learn more about Disco Solaris on their website: https://discosolaris.com/ and Twitter: https://twitter.com/discosolaris.


Cypherkicks Studios is collaborating with Disco Solaris to bring Cypherkicks holders 6 different NFT artworks that will be serialized. To mint this collection, you must hold at least one Cypherkicks NFT from the main collection (Season 1 - Season 5). 

1 NFT = 15 ADA

2 NFTs = 30 ADA

3 NFTs = 45 ADA

SOLD OUT - 361 NFTs sold. 

Disclaimer: Cypherkicks does not own or invest in Disco Solaris or any projects we collaborate with. The Cypherkicks Studios brand aims to bring exposure to up and coming projects on the Cardano NFT space. We are responsible only for the sale of the NFTs shown in this page. We are not responsible for the value of NFTs you purchase. We are not responsible for your experience in other projects, including projects we collaborate with.