MermADA is Cypherkicks official developer. They are in charge of the minting system for our drops. They are a truly OG project on Cardano, and have been the developers of many of your favorite projects.


MermADA offers services that range from minting vending machine, airdrop services, single NFT minting, and more. 


You can find more about MermADA here.

Cypherkicks and MermADA are partnering to bring you a set of the NFTs. These are under the Cypherkicks Studios policy ID. These 3 designs are created in collaboration with their team. MermADa is also the developer behind this and all other Cypherkicks Studios drops.

Send the following amount to the address listed below: 

1 NFT = 15 ADA

2 NFTs = 30 ADA

3 NFTs = 45 ADA