DeadKicks will be a collection of 5,000 NFTs that will be airdropped to Cypherkicks collectors. 

Cypherkicks collectors will receive one free DeadKicks NFT per each Cypherkicks they own. DeadKicks will have the same rarity of the Cypherkicks NFTs each collector owns. 


DeadKicks concepts have already been shown to the community through the "Cypherkicks Studios" collection.

This collection will be released in early 2022. 

Monster Kicks


Monster Kicks is a collection of NFTs that are airdropped to Cypherkicks collectors every two weeks. Over 500+ Monster Kicks NFTs have been airdropped already!

In order to participate in the airdrops, people need to hold Cypherkicks NFTs in their wallets. 

Airdrops are decided by a ticket system. Basically, the more Cypherkicks you hold, the better your chances of getting a free Monster Kicks NFT are! Rarities of Cypherkicks give collectors a specific number of tickets. Common (1 ticket), Rare (2 tickets), Epic (3 tickets), Zombie (5 tickets). 


FUTURE (3).png

HypeBox is a community favorite! The concept behind HypeBox is simple: each HypeBox NFT contains 3 different items in the metadata (Laces, Socks, or Soles). If someone owns a Cypherkicks NFT and a HypeBox NFT, they will be able to "customized" the Cypherkicks NFT with the items inside the HypeBox.

Some HypeBoxes are sold on auctions, others are given for free to community members on Discord, and others are obtained by participating in different types of events. The HypeBox supply is limited at 500 NFTs. 

Cypherkicks Pass

cypherkicks pass 2.jpg

   “Cypherkicks Pass” will have several uses cases. The first one will be a gallery of all your Cypherkicks NFTs. The application will also pull data from Cardano’s blockchain to verify that a user is a Cypherkicks holder, only then will the application show a unique coupon code that works for discounts, early access drops, and more.  

With “Cypherkicks Pass” we will bring real life utility to Cypherkicks NFTs.