Road Map

Cypherkicks aims at bringing two different groups together: sneakerheads and cypherpunks. We are both of those, and we want to bring sneaker culture to Cardano. 

In only 1 week Cypherkicks has attracted thousands of people on social media, including Twitter and Discord. This has been possible thanks to partnerships with popular staking pools, and collaborations with respected projects such as ErgoDEX and the Ergo Foundation.

Season 1 represents a starting point for Cypherkicks. The art and design of the NFT collection changes from the pre-season concept and takes more risks. 


There are many options for NFT projects as far as blockchains go. Cardano is the clear winner for us, it has a lively community, smart contracts are around the corner, and there is a lot of excitement around new ideas and concepts. If you are an ADA holder you will appreciate the potential NFTs offer as an investment opportunity and a collectible. 

Low minting fees also offer new projects a balanced playing field. Blockchains like Ethereum limit artists who cannot afford their gas fees. Cardano, in our eyes, has a bright future as an NFT market. 

Our Community 

The sneaker community is extremely passionate about their kicks! We collect, talk, and live for our sneakers. NFTs, just like sneakers are collectibles, and are loved by basketball fans, skaters, and more. We are not just mixing two cultures together, we are mixing several cultures to Cardano.

Our community is our backbone. We will always work with them to improve our project. 


There's no other project like Cypherkicks, no on Cardano or other blockchains. We are going against the current, a market filled with very similar projects, and many that try to copy successful collections in blockchains like Ethereum. We go against this by not showing a face, but feet that wear something that can represent who we are, and where we come from. 

Cypherkicks are unique, no two are the same, and will never be the same. 

We drop collections by seasons. Each season is unique, and sneaker models dropped in each season will not be added to further seasons. We do this for two reasons:

1. To allow new collectors join in and be able to grab a pair of cool kicks.
2. For collectors who support our project to get more value from each drop. 


The rarest Cypherkicks are legendaries, and will always be this way. Each season will contain from 0.5% to 2% legendary NFTs, this will be based on the sneakers released each season. 

We take things one step further, though. Every person who gets a legendary from one of our drops will win a free T-shirt with the design being their legendary NFT. 

There is a unique rarity called "Unique Legendary" informally, which represents legendary NFTs with the skin tone of the creators of the collection, or the most iconic figure that represents that sneaker. 

Current unique legendary NFTs are: #0001 "Be Like Mike", #0023 "Bulls", #0382 Travis, #0364 Virgil, and #101 Ye. There will be 8 total unique legendary NFTs in the collection. 

Current number of NFTs in the collection after season 1 is 450. All have been obtained by the community, and no official member from our team has kept any before a sale. 

The pre-season was a way for Cypherkicks to get initial supporters, which is why a majority of the NFTs released were Rare and Epic. Only 100 NFTs were released for the pre-season, so further seasons will have a lower amount of Epic NFTs. No Zombie NFTs were released for the pre-season. The following charts show the Pre-season rarity chart, and the state of the collection after Season 1 was released (current season).

Current chart.jpg

The Future

5,000 NFTs will be minted in total. This gives the collection rarity, but it's also a good amount of sneakers that can represent sneaker culture. 


Pre-season was a 100 NFT collection meant to reward first collectors, and create a community around the collection before the start of season 1. Pre-season was heavily filled with Rare and Epic NFTs, but our goal is to lower the amount of rarer NFTs to the same rarity percentage of season 1. 

Season 1 dropped on 9/3 with 350 NFTs successfully. The plan for next seasons is to include more NFTs per drop, while maintaining our promise of stopping once we reach 5,000 NFTs. The amount of NFTs per season will be based on the demand, and feedback from our community. 

Future Seasons.jpg


We are working with projects that are popular on Cardano with the goal of creating good content for our community, and reaching more communities around Cardano. 

Some of the projects we've worked on include Space Farmers, DEADPXLZ, and more to come!