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The Brand

Cypherkicks aims to bring the world of web3 and fashion together. Collectors of Cypherkicks NFTs get access to an exclusive community, discounts at sneaker stores, NFT airdrops, events, and more! 


Streetwear / Cypherkicks holders can expect apparel drops, including free ones. 

Web3 X IRL / Cypherkicks will make use of NFT technology to offer exclusive products that can be redeemed with NFTs only. This technology allows effectively control the release of new products in a fair and efficient way. 

Expanding the team / The Cypherkicks team is looking to onboard talented fashion designers this year. 

Collaborative Apparel / The team aims to collaborate with street artists, fashion designers, sneaker stores, and well known NFT projects to bring exclusive products to our online store. 

Deadkicks Jacket.png
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