Table of Content

1. Cypherkicks Explained

             a. Introduction

             b. Design

             c. Community 

             d. Rarity 

             e. Uniqueness

             f. Policy ID

2. Roadmap

             a. Distribution

             b. Timeline 

             c. Key Events 

             d. Airdrops Explained

3. Future Projection

             a. Ecosystem

             b. Utility 

                           i. Airdrops (Monster Kicks & DeadKicks) 

                           ii. Monster Kicks Early Access

                           iii. Cypherkicks Pass 

4. Thank You  

Cypherkicks Explained


The name “Cypherkicks” stems from the words “Cypher” and “Kicks”. “Kicks” clearly refers to “sneakers”, and “Cypher” comes from “Cypherpunks”. Cypherpunks believe in cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies. If you believe in the future that Cardano promises, if you believe in a more equitable future for our society, chances are that you are a cypherpunk as well. We believe that blockchain technologies will improve the lives of millions, and bring financial services to millions who don’t have access. We are passionate about two things: sneakers and blockchain technology, and we are bringing them together for the first time on Cardano.  


             Cypherkicks is the first sneaker-centric collection of NFTs in the Cardano blockchain.  We aim to bring sneaker culture to the Cardano community. NFT collectors and sneaker collectors are similar, they both appreciate good design, understand the value that comes from owning an asset, be it an NFT or a physical pair of sneakers, and enjoy talking about their hobbies.


             The Cypherkicks project started in September 2021 and was created by “Peppers''. The project started with an initial offering of 50 Cypherkicks NFTs that sold out in a day, which prompted the creation of an extra 50 Cypherkicks NFTs for what is now known as the “Pre-Season”.


             After the success of the Pre-Season, Peppers created and released two more seasons, which sold out as well. The Cypherkicks team is currently working on Season 3. Cypherkicks will release a total of 5,000 NFTs. 



             Cypherkicks are known for the attention to detail that is present on each and every NFT. Each NFT is designed by hand, no algorithms, automated programs, or tracing tools are used to design a Cypherkicks NFT. The following image shows the two main parts of the design of Cypherkicks NFTs. The manual tracing/drawing of the shoes, and the coloring/details that are added to the design later on.  


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Final Image
Final Image

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             An NFT project is nothing without its community. Cypherkicks started as a small project with one goal: to start a conversation about sneakers in the Cardano community. The first supporters of Cypherkicks spread the word about the project, brought in their friends, and created marketing material to advertise the project. This is also known as “community marketing”, which involves forming an engaging brand presence in order to interact with the community.

         The Cypherkicks community is its most important asset. Maintaining a community in the NFT space can be a challenge, but we believe that the following principles will allow us to do just that:

  • Respect. We consider Cypherkicks collectors as investors, which is why we treat them with the respect they deserve. 

  • Honesty. A project that hides the past, and lies about the future is bound to fail. We believe in being clear, honest, and straight with our community. 

  • Continuous support. We assure Cypherkicks collectors and investors that the founders and the rest of the team will continue to be active members of the community. The “Utility” part of this paper outlines some of the steps we are taking to keep our community thriving, well after the completion of the project. 

             The growth Cypherkicks has seen in one month has surpassed all expectations. Over 3,000 followers on Twitter, and about 3,000 members on Discord continuously follow and show support to our project. 

             Reaching new audiences, especially inside the cryptocurrency space can be challenging. We allocate a percentage of earnings to advertising, giveaways, and contests that bring value to current holders, and make us more visible to potential collectors who don’t follow the project yet. 

             The Cypherkicks community is our most important asset. To show our appreciation to our community we have released a ranking system on Discord, unique in the CNFT world. Users who are active can earn rewards by participating in the Discord, helping other users, and just having fun in the community!

         Users get a random amount of XP by participating in the server, when they reach a specific XP level, they rank up to a new level category and receive a role that grants them access to a new reward. The rewards are 100% free and ship all over the world with no restrictions.

Rewards & Levels:

  • 1 to 9: Rookies

  • Level 10 (Guards)

    • Free Cypherkicks sticker.

  • Level 20 (Ballers)

    • Free Cypherkicks Socks.

  • Level 30 (Champions)

    • Free Cypherkicks T-shirt.

  • Level 50 (Legends)

    • Free Cypherkicks Hoodie.


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Zombie Socks
Zombie Socks

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The Cypherkicks team is currently designing a line of merchandise that will only be available as rewards. The current system assigns winners items from the online store. 



             Cypherkicks does rarity a bit differently than the rest. The rarity of a Cypherkicks depends on the amount of Cypherkicks of each category. There are 4 different categories: human legs, color legs, zombie legs, and legendary legs (Robot legs, famous people’s legs, etc.)


             The rarities are as follows: Common, Rare, Epic, Zombie, Legendary, and Unique Legendary. (Unique Legendary NFTs show as “Legendary” in the metadata, but they are unique in the sense that they do not use a leg shared with other legendary NFTs, such as robot legs). 

         Common and Rare Cypherkicks NFTs use “human” legs, this includes the popular “Vitiligo” legs. Epic NFTs feature color legs, and Zombie NFTs feature… well, Zombie legs. Legendary NFTs vary, some sport robot legs, others sport the skin tone of famous people related to the sneakers, and more. Legendary NFTs are the rarest of them all.

         Common sneakers are considered non-expensive or “hyped” sneakers. These Cypherkicks are not present in other rarities, such as Rare, Epic, Zombie, or Legendary. Common rarities include 10 variations of the same model.

             Pre-season Cypherkicks NFTs are the only models that do not have the same number of variations as the rest of the seasons, however, they have rarities in the metadata (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary). 

             The most popular shoes in sneaker communities are given the Rare, Epic, Zombie, and Legendary rarities. Rare Cypherkicks are presented in 8 different variations, Epic in 6 variations, Zombie in 3 variations, and Legendary in 1 variation. The following chart shows a breakdown of rarities:  

Rarity Explained.png

Once the collection reaches 5,000 NFTs, the rarity chart will be represented by the following chart: 

Future Seasons.jpg

             Once all NFTs are released, 2025 NFTs will be common, 1350 NFTs will be Rare, 1050 NFTs will be Epic, 500 NFTs will be Zombie, 75 NFTs will be Legendary, and 8 NFTs will be considered “Unique Legendary”. Current unique legendary NFTs are: #0001 "Be Like Mike", #0023 "Bulls", #0382 “Travis”, #0364 Virgil, #101 “Ye”,  #0280 “McFly”, and #2109"Carpe Diem". 



             There's no other project like Cypherkicks, not on Cardano or other blockchains. We are going against the current, a market filled with very similar projects, and many that try to copy successful collections in blockchains like Ethereum. We go against this by not showing a face, but feet that wear something that can represent who we are, and where we come from. 

             Cypherkicks are unique, no two are the same, and will never be the same. We drop collections by seasons. Each season is unique, and sneaker models dropped each season will not be added to future seasons. We do this for two reasons:


1.      To allow new collectors to join in and be able to grab unique sneaker models that have not been repeated before. 

2.      So collectors who support our project can own unique NFTs that will not be released again. This brings value to the earliest seasons, while keeping new seasons fresh. 


Policy ID

             As stated before, Cypherkicks started with a low amount of NFTs, which had to change after a sudden increase in demand. Because of this, the team switched from minting on the Tokhun system to minting with a third party system developed by Mermada. The Cypherkicks team will add a new Policy ID to each new Season from this point forward, starting with Season 3. New Policy IDs will close one week from the moment the minting starts.

The following table shows the current list of Policy IDs for Cypherkicks NFTs. 

policy IDs.JPG



         Cypherkicks will mint a total of 5,000 NFTs. Once 5,000 NFTs are reached, the team will stop designing and minting Cypherkicks NFTs. The objective of the Cypherkicks team is to release all 5,000 NFTs by the end of Q4 2021.

Number of NFTs per Season:

  • Pre-Season: 99 NFTs.

  • Season 1: 350 NFTs.

  • Season 2: 506 NFTs.

Cypherkicks NFTs started being released with a “Vending Machine” system. This type of system requests the buyer to deposit a specific amount of ADA in order to receive an NFT. The NFTs are randomly assigned to buyers during the “drop”.

         The vending system used for Seasons 1 and 2 was developed by the team of Mermada. Our NFTs are distributed randomly, and this is easily proven by our system’s code, which is available publicly on Github (https://github.com/frog357/cardano-automatic-sales-by-fred).

         In order to stay transparent about the random allocation of NFTs, our team releases a detailed announcement about statistics related to the sale. In the case of Season 2 (the last “drop”), the breakdown of the Cypherkicks distribution looks as follows:

  • 506 Cypherkicks NFTs were minted for Season 2.

    • 130 different wallets for 1 NFT.

    • 163 different wallets for 2 NFTs.

    • 14 different wallets for 3 NFTs.

    • 2 different wallets for 4 NFTs.


             The following timeline is a summary of our plan for 2021 and 2022. This represents some of the most important steps we will accomplish in this project. 


Key Events




  • Season 3 

  • Monster Kicks Airdrop #2 

  • Monster Kicks Airdrop #3 


  • Season 4

  • Monster Kicks Airdrop #3

  • Monster Kicks Airdrop #4


  • Announcement of partnership with sneaker stores. 

  • Season 5 - Final Season

  • Monster Kicks Airdrop #5

  • Monster Kicks Airdrop #6



  • Development of Cypherkicks Pass starts. 

  • Monster Kicks Airdrop #7


  • Announcement of partnership with international sneaker stores. 

  • Beta version of Cypherkicks Pass released to the public. 

  • Monster Kicks Airdrop #8 (Final drop - 2,000 NFTs airdropped). 


  • Version 1.0 of Cypherkicks Pass release. 

Second Quarter 

  • DeadKicks Airdrops sent to Cypherkicks holders. 

Airdrops Explained

             Airdrops are free NFTs that are automatically sent to wallets of NFT collectors. In the case of Cypherkicks, NFTs are only airdropped to Cypherkicks NFTs holders (collectors). 

             The Cypherkicks team is working on a new project called “Monster Kicks”. This project aims to release 10,000 NFTs over the course of 2021 and 2022. The first 2,000 NFTs will be airdropped to Cypherkicks collectors as a reward for their support. 

Future Projection 

Ecosystem (Cypherkicks Universe) 

             Cypherkicks Universe refers to all projects created by the Cypherkicks team. This includes Cypherkicks, Monster Kicks, and DeadKicks, Cypherkicks Pass, and all upcoming projects in the future. 

             Projects often end once a collection ends, in the case of Cypherkicks, the team will continue to work on innovative ideas that bring value to the main collection: Cypherkicks. This guarantees two things: the community will remain active, and the founders will not abandon the project. 

             The merch store is also part of the Cypherkicks ecosystem. You can learn more about merchandise on www.cypherkicks.com/shop -- The Cypherkicks team often offers giveaways on social media that include official Cypherkicks t-shirts, socks, hoodies, and more! We are working on including an ADA payment system to the online store. 


Monster Kicks


             Monster Kicks will eventually become its own collection. 10,000 total Monster Kicks NFTs will be minted! The first 2,000 NFTs will be airdropped to Cypherkicks collectors in batches. The remaining portion of the collection will be dropped by Season style drops, similar to Cypherkicks. Here are some facts about Monster Kicks:

  • Users who receive an airdrop qualify for future airdrops.

  • Each Airdrop will have a different Policy ID that closes a couple of days after the drop.

  • Monster Kicks NFTs are 100% unique.

  • We use a ticket system for airdrops. Cypherkicks NFTs automatically receive tickets based on rarity:

    • Common: 1 ticket

    • Rare: 2 tickets

    • Epic: 3 tickets

    • Zombie: 5 tickets

    • Legendary: Guaranteed NFT. 

             Unlike Cypherkicks, Monster Kicks will use an item-based rarity system. Each NFT will feature different monsters with variations, such as basketball jerseys, crows, sunglasses, headphones, etc.

             Each Monster Kicks NFT includes three things: a monster with a team jersey, a sneaker, and a set of items. The set of items and the jersey are both listed on the metadata. The list of items is available on www.monsterkicks.org 



Artboard 2 (6).jpg

We are proud to announce DeadKicks. 


             DeadKicks will be a free NFT collection for all Cypherkicks NFT owners. This new collection will be released and airdropped in 2022. 

             Unlike Monster Kicks, every single Cypherkicks holder will receive a DeadKicks NFT per Cypherkicks NFT they own. If you own 4 Cypherkicks NFTs, no matter the rarity, you will obtain 4 DeadKicks NFTs. 

             DeadKicks will also not be sold by the Cypherkicks team. There will be a total of 5,000 DeadKicks NFTs, and all will be airdropped. More information about DeadKicks will be released by the end of Q4 2021. 

Cypherkicks Pass


             “Cypherkicks Pass” will be a mobile application for iOS and Android phones. This application will have several features, these include: having a gallery of the Cypherkicks NFTs the user owns, having access to discounts from Sneaker Stores Cypherkicks has partnerships with, early access to sneaker releases, and more. 


             Bringing utility to a collection is not an easy task, which is why the goal of the Cypherkicks team is to bring more people to the community to have leverage at the time of negotiating deals with third parties.

         In our roadmap we expect to have deals with at least five (5) sneaker stores in the United States by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021. The deals will include early access to sneakers releases, a price reduction for sneaker purchases, and more. This will only be available for people who hold Cypherkicks NFTs and can prove ownership at the time of purchase.

         The Cypherkicks team has already contacted several sneaker stores, and there is interest from both parties to collaborate in different ways; this includes creating unique Cypherkicks NFTs in collaboration with their brands, offering Cypherkicks owners a discount on their purchase, and more. The first partner stores will be announced by the end of Q4 2021.

         Our ultimate goal is to have a deal with at least one sneaker store per city in the United States, and major cities in Europe, Asia, and other countries.

         Cypherkicks is the only Sneaker-centric NFT collection on Cardano, and one of the very few in the NFT space. This allows us to be the first project to reach stores and businesses about possible collaborations. 


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         The Cypherkicks team aims to develop a proprietary application, called “Cypherkicks Pass”, that pulls data from the Cardano blockchain to verify the ownership of Cypherkicks NFTs. This will allow us to work with retailers to implement a QR code that only Cypherkicks owners will have access to in the application.

         “Cypherkicks Pass” will have several uses cases. The first one will be a gallery of all your Cypherkicks NFTs. The application will also pull data from Cardano’s blockchain to verify that a user is a Cypherkicks holder, only then will the application show a unique coupon code that works for discounts, early access drops, and more.  

With “Cypherkicks Pass” we will bring real life utility to Cypherkicks NFTs. 

Thank You

            Cypherkicks started as a small project, one that combined my three passions: art, blockchain technology, and sneakers. Those who first joined the Cypherkicks "community" can attest to this: Cypherkicks was not created to be a big project. I designed 50 NFTs of sneakers I own or love, shared them with the Cardano community and those who first bought them pushed me to open a Discord Server and a Twitter account, they brought their friends to Cypherkicks and told them to invest in the "project". To them I will always be grateful, their support meant the world to an illustrator who never dreamed of selling his "art".


             Those who know me know how many times I've put myself and my art out there, how many times people have ignored my illustrations and ideas. Cypherkicks is my pride, and this community is my new family. Words cannot express how grateful I am, but I hope my actions can show the effort that goes into this project, and the love I have for it. 

            Thank you so much, for your trust, for your support, and above all, for being part of the Cypherkicks community.